Complete the picture.

Year 5 did an amazing job with completing the pictures this afternoon!



Swanshurst Girls School – Week commencing Monday 11th June 2018

Parents and Carers are reminded to drop their children off at the back entrance to the school. Please drive / walk along Wheelers Lane and turn right before you get to the big roundabout by the Billesley pub. This is a narrow road signposted as ‘Billesley Tennis Centre’. As you drive down the road, bear left at the end, and enter a small car park. The entrance to the school playground is at the bottom left-hand side of this.

Drop-off time: 8:55am

Collection: 3:30pm


A rear view of the building that Year 5 and Year 6 will be based in next week at Swanshurst


This is the narrow road you travel down towards the small car park. (This photo is facing Wheelers Lane.)


As you travel down the narrow road, bear left, and enter the small car park.


The school gates are located at the bottom left-hand side of the car park. 

Bar Modelling

Miss Ali and Year 5 are exploring decimals this morning and using #barmodelling to help them with their understanding. #tenths #hundredths #thousandths #maths